Creative Projects

Here is a short portfolio of some of our previous work with clients

Website Creation & Design

Website & Brand Case Studies

Branding & Visual Identity


Metrik is a new business that produces various gadgets that are built to collect sports data, such as systems that use artificial intelligence to manage the data collected as well as other databases. Being new, they needed a logo created. We collected some basic information about what the company leaders wanted the company to represent, and produced the following logo, with visual aids to help them see how it can look in various modes.

Flexy Microgrids LLC.

Flexy Microgrids is a new technology company specializing in the creation of dynamic and reconfigurable electrical microgrids the goal of developing more flexible and responsive electrical distribution systems. Being new, they needed a brand identity that would accurately reflect the company. Given their mission, we designed a dynamic and modern grid logo in the shape of a sine wave, as well as fitted the brand with a dynamic color palette.


Noz is small family owned and opperated company located in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. They specialize in bulk products, and their mission is to be able to simply deliver high quality products, fresh, and at a fair price. Noz hired Raio to help establish their visual Identity, so we provided the following logo, colors, and design modes in order to deliver that for them


IFM is a dental clinic that had was in needed a visual identity that would transcend their value of modernity. IFM’s mission is to become a reference in service and teaching, and they hired Raio to help give them the modern and professional look that they were after both on print and online.

Graphic Design & Social Media