Frequently Asked

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Website FAQs

"How do you guys build your websites? What CMS do you use and why?"

Our websites are made custom with WordPress, and can be deployed anywhere that is WP compatible. We do it this way for mostly for user friendliness when we deliver your site to you, because we want you to be able to do things like make blog posts and small edits without needing to know any HTML or CSS.

"What should I expect after we close a deal on a new website for my business?"

Before getting started on your website, we will want to gather as much information as possible. We’ll start by distributing a questionnaire, and then confirming the sitemap with you. Then, we’ll need to make sure we have all the brand assets ready to go and literally anything else you might want to be included on your site… After that, its bombs away on getting your site up an running!  

"How much input will I have during the website creation process?

As with everything we do, we want you to be as happy as possible for your website and with the final product. That’s why after we’ve reached the time to unveil the first draft, we will send you a revision form link, and open the floor for any input you would like to give. 

"Does your hosting service allow for migrations? Is it secure? "

Yes and yes. Our servers are cloud based with AWS, our sites are able to be totally migrated with WordPress easily, and we also do regular backups. Your site will be safe and secure with us, no worries there.

"What happens after the website is done? How is it delivered?

When we’ve completed the website, and there are no longer any revisions to be made, we will essentially hand you keys and its all yours from there to do with what you please. That is,  unless you’ve elected to have us manage it. In that case, we will be on standby awaiting any and all orders for updates or edits.

Branding FAQs

"What if I don't really like the logo you guys provide?"

We try our best to avoid this up front, as the logo we provide will be based of of the briefing/questionnaire that you complete. If after seeing the logo you are dissatisfied with some minor aspects, we can accommodate. If in the instance after those minor updates you are still dissatisfied entirely, we will talk in more detail about what the next steps are from there

"Whats a 'brand guidelines static webpage' exactly?"

This one is really cool… We will provide a detailed guide for your brand and its assets with detail exactly how it should be represented in the real world. This includes how your assets should/should not be used, like logo placement, color pairing, and more. We like to serve this up as a static webpage so that it can be easily accessed by everyone who needs it at the drop of a link, as well as be updated extremely easily. Thus, making it the most flexible brand guide possible. As a bonus we’ll also include a download button where anyone will be able to download you brands logo’s for use at the click of a button. 

Email Services FAQs

"If I want email templates, how many are included? What if I end up needing more later?"

The answer is as many as you need. If down the road you end up needing more, or need to make minor edits your current templates, we’ll do it for free up to 3 per year each.

"Where will you set up my email hosting? What exactly do you mean by 'management'?"

If you elect to have us set up your business’s emails for you, we can do that with any provider you’d like. After that, they’re all yours. If you’d rather just pass on the headache of playing with new emails every time someone joins or leaves your team, and want to let us manage it for you, we will set them all up and manage that for you for small price per email. If we’re managing it for you, anytime you want to add or remove an email/change something, you just email us and we can update it for you, no questions asked.

Digital Marketing FAQs

“What social media platforms and how many are you guys able to set-up or manage?”

The short answer is any and all and as many as you need. No worries.